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The aim of this investigation was to investigate the distribution and the degree of the natural fluorosis in the rich with fluoride reserves areas of the Middle Anatolia and the industrial fluorosis in area of the various factory in the same areas and its effects on animal health. The urine, water, plant and soil samples were collected from the area rich with fluoride reserves and the area of the various facto-ry in the Middle Anatolia. Fluoride ion concentrations in the water, urine, soil and plant samples were detected potentiometrically using an ion selective electrode. Fluoride contents of the water, soil and plant samples obtained from Kizilcaören village in Beylikova-Eskişehir and Bayındır village in Kaman-Kırşehir, were rich with fluoride reserves were found particularly in high levels. Sheep with fluorosis and high levels of F - in their urine samples were found in the same areas. Industrial fluorosis were found in area of the aluminium factory in Seydişehir-Konya and high levels of fluoride were found in the urine samples in the same area. The high levels of F - contents of the water, soil and plants were the cause of fluorosis in the area of Kizilcaören village and Bayındır village. The pollution of air with particules and gaseous forms of the fluoride were the main cause of industrial fluorosis in Seydişehir.


Fluorosis, fluoride reserves, industrial pollution, urine, water, soil, plant.

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