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This investigation has been done the effect of various cemen paste mixtures on the chemical and organoleptic quality of pastrami. The pastramies which were prepared experimentally have been mixed with the various cemen pastes and the effects of these mixtures on the chemical and organoleptic properties of pastramies were investigated on the Ist, 7th, 15th, 30th and 60th days. While the humidity of pastramies samples was 45.08-48.63% on the first day, and between 21.68-24.18% on the 60th day. Remarkable differences have been found between the groups in the amount of humidity of samples according to cemen flour and garlic ratios phases, and water ratio in cemen flour on the Ist, 7th and 15th days. It has been observed that cemen paste which has 50% water, 10% cemen flour and garlic rations generally showed the lowest humidity comparing with the other samples in all phases.

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