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This study was made to investigate the structure of the ovaries of adult Brown bears which were brought to the Wildlife Research Centre (WRC) in Bursa. Ovaries obtained by laparoscopic surgery method, were divided into two pieces and fixated in buffered formalin. The 10-15 µ cryostat sections were stained with Oilred O stain method. The 5-7 µ sections cut from paraffin blocks stained with Crossmon's triple stain, Gomori's silver stain, Pinkus' orcein-giema stain and Mc Manus' periodic acide schiff (PAS) technique. The shapes of ovaries were observed as ovoid by ultrasonografi device. In the histological examinations, it was composed of two main zones cortex and medulla. The surfaces of ovaries were wavy and lined by simple cuboidal epithelium. Tunica albuginea was rich in collagenous fibers bundles and reticulum fibers whereas poor in elastic fibers. In the cortex of ovaries, connective tissue cells were existed in addition to intersitial cells containing lipid. Primordial, primer, secondary, tertiary follicles, corpus luteum and atretic follicles were seen in the cortex of ovaries. Medulla was consisted of loose connective tissue. Medulla contained different sizes of blood, lymph vessels and nerve fibers surrounded elastic fibers.


Bear, Ovaries, Structure.

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