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The study was aimed to investigate the effects of different culture media on the Daphnia populations. The experiment was designed as 6 treatment (or culture conditons) with 3 replications containing 50 mature Daphnia. Glass con-tainers with capasity of 12 liters were used in this trials. The experiment has been carried out for 21 days. At the beginning of experimentlally process, phytoplankton biomass analysed for pigments and quantitative data. The chlorophyll a amount in each unite has been accounted as 640.6 mg/M 3 , similary carotenoid amount is 445.4 MSPU'M 3 . Phyto-planton amount in each unite (cm 3 ) was accounted as follow; Ankistrodesmus falcatus 9728, Scenedesmus ovalternus 1677, Chlo-rella pyrenoidosa 1777, Chlorella ellipsoidea 3790. At the end of research the increase of Daphnia amount analysed statistically. And the variations between and intragroups has been fonud significant as (p


Daphnia magna, phytoplankton mixture, chicken manure, fish manure, sheep manure

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