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A deficiency in the slow moving gamma globulin in an eight-month-old emaciated female Awassi sheep is described. Analysis of serum protein electrophoresis (SPE) on cellulose acetate of this sheep revealed the presence of three fractions only; albumin (alb), a and b compared with that of the normal sheep which showed four fractions (alb, a and b and g).This finding occurred in a ewe which belonged to a closed breeding system awassi flock. Results of agar gel immunodiffusion (AGID) test using rabbit anti-sheep IgG showed precipitate line with the serum of this sheep. Analysis of sera from her mother, the sister of the mother which is a twin of the mother, and from a six-month-old lamb of the latter, showed normal SPE profiles and were positive in AGID TEST. These results suggest that the ewe in this study was most likely deficient in the slow moving gamma globulin, perhaps IgG2, and this could not be due to a lack of colostral transfer from the dam because the ewe should have developed her own immunoglobulins by this age. It is possible that the animal suffered from abnormalities in plasma cell development, maturation and function.


Sheep, immunoglobulin, deficiency, serum-protein-electrophoreis

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