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In this study, 56 rats (Rattus norvegicus) naturally infected with both Aspiculuris tetraptera and Syphacia muris were used. The animals were randomly divided into the treatment (37 animals) and control (19 animals) groups. Moxidectin (Cydectin enj., %1 Moxidectin) at 0.2 mg/kgbw was given subcutaneously to the treatment group. The faeces of both groups were examined on days 0, 7, 14, 21, 28. The post-mortem examination of one animal from each group was performed to confirm the EPG results on days mentioned above. The percentage efficacy was measured on the basis of the reduction of the eggs. The eggs and adults of both parasites were seen in the control and treatment groups on day 0 and in control group on all posttreatment days. In the treatment group on all post treatment days, the eggs and adults of S. muris were encountered but no developing stages of A. tetraptera. The results indicated that Moxidectin at 0.2 mg/kgbw was 100 % effective against A. tetraptera but ineffective against S. muris.


Aspiculuris tetraptera, Syphacia muris, Rat, Moxidectin, Treatment.

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