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In order to provide uniqe insight into the metabolic disturbences seen after calving cholesterol, triglycerid, high density lipoprotein, low density lipoprotein, very low density lipoprotein, glucose and insulin levels in serum were studied before calving (group I), in aerly (group II) and late (group III) lactation in 24 normal cows. Serum lipoproteins were separeted into various density classes by repeated ultracentrifugation. The results indicate that there was a rise in glucose, tryglycerid and very low density lipoprotein levels before calving, and in choles-terol and high density lipoprotein levels late lactation, and the dairy cows were inclined fatty liver because of lower very low density lipoprotein and glucose levels in early and late lactation, and were inclined hyperketonemia in early lactation because of lower insulin level than in late lactation.


Lipid, lipoproteins glucose, insulin, pre and postpartum, cows

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