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Faecai specimens from 172 diarrhoeic and 130 healthy cattle were examined for the presence of Crytosporidium spp., Eschricia coli K99 and Rotavirus in Ankara, Turkey. The prevalence of the Crytosporidium spp. infection in diarrhoeic and non-dierrhoeic cattle was 63.3% and 69.2%, respectively. Crytosporidium positive faecal specimens were examined for the presence of E. coli K99 and Rotavirus. E. coli K99 was isolated from the feaces of 35 diarrhoeic (32.1%) and 23 healthy (25.5%) animals. Rotavirus was not detected in any of feacal samples. In vitro drug sensitivities indicated that E. coli K99 was sensitive to Nalidixic acid in both diarrhoeic group (91.2%) and healthy group (87.5%) of cattle. Virtually all E. coli K99 strains were resistant to Colistin sulphate, Ampicilline, Tetracycline and Neomycine in both groups.


Crytosporidium, Eschricia coli K99, Rotavirus, cattle, antibiotic susceptibility

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