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Digestibility in vivo, in vitro and, in situ and effect on the chemical composition of barley straw following pilot-scale treatment with sodium hydroxide (NaOH) were investigated A range of laboratory measurements were also verified. Laboratory methods included three estimates of digestibility in vivo, in vitro and in situ. NaO treatment reduced the hemicellulose content and this resulted in an increased content of cellulose and lignin in the remaining cell wall. The mean increased in organic matter digestibility. The study was designed also to compare the measurment of digestibility methods. It was determined that the result of the experiment in vitro digestibility method was more suitable for accurately predicting digestibility than that in vivo or in situ. No significant differences were observed with regard to digestibility, between the NaOH treated straw samples either dired at 60°C or freeze dried samples.


Sodium hydroxide treatment, barley straw, chemical composition, in vivo, in vitro and in situ digestibility.

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