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In this study, 768 faecal samples were examined between June 1993-May 1994 to determine the species and the prevalence rates of Eimeriidae in the cattle of Thracia area (The European part of Turkey). The prevalence rate of eimeridosis was found to be 68%. The species determined and their prevalence rates were as follows: Eimeria bovis(34%), E.auburnensis(27%), E.zeuernii(26%), E.ellipsoiDalıs (14%), E.canadensis (12%), E.cylindrica (7.9%), E.supspherica (7.2%), E.alabamensis (4.9%), E.bukidnonensis (2.2%), E.brasiliensis (0.8%) and Isospora sp. (1.2%). Of 768 animals, 29% were found to be infected with single species, 39% with mixed ones and 32% were non-infected. During the study, two calves showed bloody diarrhoea. From these calves, E.ellipsoiDalıs and E.zuernii were identified. Their OPG values were 37200 and 47000 respectively. A positive correlation (r=0.96) was found between OPG values and the percentages of animals with not-formed faeces (from soft faeces to bloody diarrhoea) and it is considered that a value of OPG over 5 000 may be pointed out a clinical case.


Eimeridae, coccidiosis, prevalence, cattle, Turkey

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