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Monensin is an ionophore antibiotic, a monovalent cationic substance, used in veterinary practice principally as a coccidiostat in poultry and as a growth promoter in cattle. This study was designed to evaluate the pretreatment of selenium and/or vitamin E and vitamin E + selenium in broilers given normal and high doses of monensin. For this purpose, 172 broiler chicks (Ross PM-3) were used in the study. These were splitted into two groups up the 15 th day. In the 15 st group, 15 of these chicks were maintained and fed without monensin, selenium and vitamin E. Other chicks were fed with monensin (110 ppm), vitamin E (11 ppm) and selenium (0.1 ppm). On the 15 th day the second group was splitted into 12 groups, each having 12 chicks (In the study, 2 animals died belonging to the 3 rd and 4 th groups). On the 15 th , 20 th , 25 th ,35 th and 45 th day of the study, blood samples were taken from each group and then aspartate amino transferase (AST) and creatine phospho cinase (CPK) levels analyses in serum. The samples were collected 3 chicks from the first group and 11 chicks from the other group for the 15 th day; and 3 broilers from all groups for the 15 th , 20 th , 25 th , 35 th and 45 th day, and malondialdehyde (MDA) analyses in liver. For the histopathological inspections, heart muscle and skeletal muscle ( M. iliolateralis tibialis pars cranialis) were used. At the results of this study, the serum AST and CPK levels were increased as according to the heart and sceletal muscle's degeneration.

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