Turkish Journal of Veterinary & Animal Sciences

The Study of Effects on Metabolism of Dietary Aluminum in Broilers




The aim of this study was to investigate the effects on metabolism and body weight of aluminum added to ration of broilers. Day-old thirty broiler chicks were divided into two equal groups and fed for 40 days. The broilers in experimental group were fed with dietary supplementation fo 2g/kg aluminum sulfate and broilers in control group were fed with supplementary dietary sodium sulfate containing sulfate equal to those supplied by aluminum sulfate in diet of experimental group. In days 20 to 40 of experimental period, the broilers were weighed, and blood samples were taken with vacutainer tubes. In obtained sera, ALP, CK, \gamma-GT levels increased with time in experimental group was always found higher than control group. It was determined that other parameters were not affected more by dietary aluminum. The rising in serum ALP levels and the fallign in Pi levels in experimental group could show a disorder in bone mineralisation or phosphorus metabolism. The increase of \gamma-GT levels and higher glucose levels in experimental group may be an indicator of liver degeneration.


Brolier, aluminum, body weight, biochemical parameters

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