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The Effects of Various Level of Vitamin E on the Immunity and Egg Yield of Laying Hens




This research was carried out in two experiments. On first experiment, four different levels of vitamin E (0,5, 35 and 70 IU/kg feed) wereadded the diets based on corn, and the effects of the diets on egg yields, blood vitamin E levels, T-Iymphocyte percentage, plasma cell count in spleen and antibody titers against the vaccine of Newcastle disease were investigated for one years. Total of 864 laying hens were used in this experiment. The mean egg yields of the experimental groups were 79.9, 80.6, 77.2 and 79.5% (P>0.05) and feed concumptions for one kg egg were 2.23, 2.23, 2.36 and 2.20 kg (P


Vitamin E, Immunity, Maternal immunity, Laying hens, Egg yields, Antibody titers, T-Iymphocytes

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