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The Effects of Buck Introduction on Inducing, Synchronizing of Oestrus and Short Cyclicity on Angora Goats




In parallel with the development in mohair indstry Angora goat takes more and more interest resulting in the studies trying to solve reproductive problems. Because mohair with a good quality can only be obtained from young goats, the researches on rapid reproduction opportunities were required. In this study the influence of buck on starting the oestrus of goats on synchronization and short cycles was researched. Before the breeding season for ten days among 60 Angora goats joined with the bucks, 50(83.33%) had oestrus in 5 days as an awerage. In 8 goats (16%) out of 50 a short cycle (for 6-7 days) was observed ant these goats were not pregnant. In one goat (2%) there was a long cycle (for 40 days) and when compared with normal reprodction season oestrus and births were one month earlier and synchronized. As a result this research shows that if frequently met short cycle problems at the begining of the breeding season which are determined at a high rate are solved, the buck effect on taking the breeding season to an earlier time and on oestrus synchronization will be an easy and cheap method to use.


Angora goat, Buck effect, Oestrus synchronization

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