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The Effect of Urea and Niacin Addition in the Mixed Feed with Dried Sugar Beet Pulp and Tapioka on Degradability of Certain Food Matter in the Rumen




In this study, it was aimed to determine the effects of different energy sources feeds, which are dried sugar beet pulp (pulp) and tapioka added 2% urea and 400 mg/kg niacin on the feed consumption and degredation of dry matter (DM) and crude protein (CP)in rumen fistulated four Akkaraman rams were fed ad libitum according to 4x4 latin suguare design in this study. The first experimental mixed feed groups, consisted of control (C), pulp (P), pulp added niacin (p+Ni) and pulp added niacin and urea (P+Ni+U). The second mixed feed groups, consisted of control (C), tapioca (T), tapioca added niacin (T+Ni) and tapioca added niacin and urea (T+Ni+U). In the first experiment, daily average feed consumption was found as 1322.3, 1204.8, 1394.1 and 1478.5 g,. respectively (p


Dried sugar beet pulp, tapioka, niacin, urea, naylon bag, DM and CP degradation

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