Turkish Journal of Veterinary & Animal Sciences

Observations on Natural Infection Caused by Salmonella enteritidis Phage Type 4 in Guinea Pigs




Anorexia, weakness, shudder, mild diarrhea and deaths were observed in 25 (21.9%) out of 114 guinea pigs in laboratory animal unit of Veterinary Control and Research Institute. In necroscopic examinations, intestinal contents of ileum, ileosecal junctions and caecum were watery and haemorrhagic. In histopathological examinations, mucosa of small intestines, especially ileum was hyperemic, haemorrhagic and epithelium was degenerative and necrotic. Focal lymphoid cell ifliltrations, degeneration and necrosis in liver were observed. Infective agent of these natural infections was identified as S. enteritidis PT4 in bacteriological and serological examinations. In antibiotic sensitivity test, Enroflaxacin was found more sensitive and treatment was successed in manuplating this antibiotic.


Guinea Pig, S. enteritidis PT4, natural infection, bacteriology, pathology

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