Turkish Journal of Veterinary & Animal Sciences

Effects of Cold Storage on Egg Quality




This experiment was conducted to determine the effects of type and length of cold storage on egg quality. Eggs used in this study were collected from autosex hybrid layers (Silver). Eggs were randomly assigned into three groups as: (1) First group was kept under 18-20¼C and 48-52% RH for six weeks, (2) Second group kept under 4-5¼C and 58-62% RH for 11 weeks and (3) last group was directly analyzed to obtain initial values of egg quality characteristics. Each week 30 eggs were sampled from first and second groups to examine the effects of storage on the egg characteristics. Egg weight, albumen length, albumen width, albumen height, albumen index, yolk width, yolk height, yolk index and haugh unit were obtained. The results showed that egg quality was significantly affected by duration of egg storage and storage canditions. When the results compared with the egg quality standards of TSE (Institute of Turkish Standards) the eggs under room condition were in grade A for two weeks and grade B for five weeks. However it was possible to keep eggs at grade A for 11 weeks in the cold storage.


egg quality, cold storage of egg

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