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Effects of Various Storage Temperature and Storage Time on Vitamin E Levels of Fish Muscle




This study was aimed to determine the effects of various storage temperatures and storage periods on vitamin E levels of fish muscle. For this purpose fish samples (Onchorhynchus mykiss, Cyprinus carpio L. and Capoeta trutta) were stored at -12 and -18¼C for 17 weeks and vitamin E levels were analysed at the begining of 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 17 weeks. At the end of the storage period average vitamin E levels in Onchorhynchus mykiss samples stored at -12 and -18¼C were 266.7±76.7 µg/100 g (711.3-52.4 µg/100 g) 378.8±52.9 µg/100 g (711.3±228.8 µg/100 g); these values in Cyprinus carpio L. were 427.4±72.2 µg/100 g (787.4-165.2 µg/100 g), 555.9±68.9 µg/100 g (787.4-248.2 µg/100 g) and in Capoeta trutta were 317.2±76.3 µg/100 g (656.4-78.6 µg/100 g), 169.8±14.8 µg/100 g (656.4-169.8 µg/100 g) respectively. Vitamin E loss was more in samples stored at -12^0C. Decrease in vitamin E levels were statistically significant in Onchorhynchus mykiss samples at the begining of 6 th, in Cyprinus carpio L. samples at the beginning of 2 nd, in Capoeta trutta at the begining of 8 th week (p


Fish, muscle, storage, vitamin E level

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