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The Effect of the Most Effective Introducing Time of Based Yellow Corn Diets Containing Corn Gluten Meal on Broiler Pigmentation




In the experiment, the most effective introducing time of based % 60 yellow corn diets containing corn gluten meal as pigment sources was investigated on broiler skin and shank color, weight gain, feed consumption and feed efficiency. During the six period, groups, were introduced diets containing % 5 corn gluten meal at the first day and second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth weeks of age. Similar b-carotene equivalents (B.C.E.) and Roche Color Fan (R.C.F.) values were obtained in the second and third groups receiving diets containing corn gluten meal at the first day and second weeks (P>0.05). These groups showed the B.C.E. and R.C.F. values higher than the other groups (P


Broiler, pigmentation, corn gluten meal

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