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Pregnancy Diagnosis by Using PMSG-Latex Test in Mares




In this study it was aimed to test the practicability PMSG-Latex test (Rapi Tex¨, Hoechst) in determining pregnancy in Mares. Fifty one blood samples which were taken 31 Arabian mares were used as a material. Blood samples were taken during the 40-60th days of pregnancy of 10 mares at 3 times at 10 days interval. In addition of this materials, blood samples were also obtained from 6 mares in the 40-45 th, 10 mares in the 46-55 th, 5 mares in the 60-65 th day of pregnancy. Because of the blood sampling program totaly 51 blood samples were grouped according to the pregnancy days as a 16 samples 40-45 th, 20 samples 46-55 th and 15 samples 60-65 th days of pregnancy. In pregnant mares the accuracy rate of PMSG Latex test was determined as a 84,6, 94,4, 100% respectively between the 40-45 th, 46-55 th, 60-65 th day of pregnancy. In non pregnant mares the accuracy rate was found as a 100% in all pregnancy groups. As a result, it is concluded that PMSG Latex Test which was gave results within 5 minutes, are recommended as a effective and accurate methods in determining the pregnancy in mares and accuracy rate can be increased when the test repeated 20 days after due to embryonic death.


Mare, PMSG, Latex-Test, Pregnancy

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