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Regulation of Ovarian Functions in the Post Partum Holstein Cows by Rapid Progesterone Test and Treatment of the Ovarian Dysfunctions




The effectiveness of milk progesterone determinations by rapid progesterone test (RPT) was evaluated for the control of ovarian functions and dysfunctions in postpartum cows. Total 250 healty Holstein cows, between 3-11 ages, were sampled as materials from two different official herd (herd A and B). Udder milks sampled on 24,31,38 and 45 days after calving. RPT s were carried out on total milk samples . The accuracy of RPT for determining the level of milk progesterone was controlled on 142 milk samples, using the results of quantitative laboratory EIA test. The accuracy rate was 86.61 per cent. Following the four RPT evaluation on each cow, rectal palpation, between 45-60 days postpartum, was performed individually. Progesterone profiles indicated that at the time of clinical examination 62.00 per cent of the cows examined were cycling normally and 38.00 per cent having ovarian dysfunctions. During these periods ovarian dysfunctions were classified, with 18.80 per cent delayed ovulation longer 38th days . with 2.80 per cent inactive ovaries , with 14.40 per cent persistent luteal phase and with 2.00 per cent follicular cysts. Although ovarian cycles were resumed spontaneously in delayed ovulation cases but prostaglandin F2 alpha, progestagens and progestagens +PMSG were administered in the cows with persistent luteal phase, follicular cysts and inactive ovaries respectively. Normal cyclic cows were inseminated on spontaneous estrouses between 45-60 days postpartum and the cows having ovarian dysfunctions inseminated on the first estrous following end of the treatmens. The open period of normal cylic cows in herd A (86.88±36.17 days) was shorter than herd B (94.91±40.17 days ); but the difference between two farms, looking these parameters , was not significant statistically (p>0.05). These findings suggest that, postpartum ovarian functions and dysfunctions could be effectively contolled, except the case of follicular cysts, using the RPT and rectal palpation weekly intervals.


Cow, Rapid progesterone test, Ovarian functions, Treatment

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