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Effects of Two Different Extenders on the Storage of Cock Semen at +5¼C




Total 12 cocks kept in individual cages were used in this study. Two times a week, total 24 ejaculates were collected from each cock and semen was pooled for spermatological evaluations. Spermatological tests were semen volume, mass activity, spermatozoa motility, spermatozoa concentration, live-dead spermatozoa rate and abnormal spermatozoa rate. The values of these characters were 3.29 ± 1.19 ml, 3.29 ± 0.62 (+), 85.83 ± 6.19 %, 4.34 ± 1.69 x 109/ml, 83.34 ± 6.43 %, 11.83 ± 0.96 % respectively. After these tests semen samples were divided into two equal parts and each was extended with 2 different extenders [Extender A= 80% milk base (90 parts skimm milk + 10 parts egg albumen) + 20% fructose solution (5% w/v) and, Extender B= 80% milk base + 10% fructose solution (5% w/v) + 10% sodium sulphate solution (2% w/v)]. The temperature of semen samples were decreased to +5^0C and were kept in refrigerator. Motility, live-dead spermatozoa ratio and morphological evaluations of the semens were repeated immediately when the temperature reached +5^0C (0. hour), at 6th, 24th, 48th and 96th hours at +5^0C. The evaluation of the results and statistics showed that extender B caused a decrease in motility from 85.83 ± 6.19% to 76.25 ± 10.34% (p In conclusion we can say that decrease of spermatological qualities of the semen extended and kept at +5^0C were unimportant at 0. hour. Extender B was the more suitable extender to dilute and keep the semen at +5^0C for short time use.


Cock, Semen Extender, Storage

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