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MAO, Total Protein, Uric Acid and Orotic Acid Values of the Serum and CSF Samples and CSF Pressure in the Lambs Infected with Coenurus Cerebralis




In this study, experimental coenurosis was performed and besides CSF pressure and protein, serum and CSF MAO, uric acid and orotic acid levels were determined and whether the results were usuable in diagnosing and prognosing of coenurosis was investigated. The blood was withdrown from the jugular vein when CSF was collected from the lumbo-sacral space in order to analyse the parameters mentioned above. However CSF pressure was measured while taking CSF from the lumbo-sacral space. This study was carried out on eleven male Akkaraman lambs aged 3-4 months. At the beginning of the experiment the faeces was exemined and the lambs were treated against parasites and also marked by giving ear numbers. Taenia multiceps oocyts (average 5500) were given to the animals in gelatine capsules by using mouth-stomach canule. These oocyts were supplied from the faeces of infected dogs with protoscolex which taken from cystic lambs brain. The lambs were keped in the fence durind the experimental study and they were fed with dried grass in good quality. The blood (n=11) and CSF (n=9) samples were collected from the animals before the experiment as a control and after the cilinical semptoms were observed. The Results were evaluated by means of ÒtÓ test for cupling. There were no significant deferences were found in the parameters of serum. At the end of the experiment a significant increase was found in CSF pressure, protein, MAO and uric acid levels. MAO activity of serum was inhibited by izoniazid but MAO activity of CSF was not effected. The increase of MAO activity of CSF could be originated from mitochondria. It was concluded that parasitic invasion and its degenerative affects on brain and nervous tisues caused to increase the values of CSF analysis. Because of this besides CSF pressure and protein levels, CSF MAO and uric acid analysis were found vaulable in diagnosis and prognosing of the coenurosis.


Coenurus cerebralis, Lambs, Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF), Serum, Monoaminoxidase (MAO), Uric acid, Orotic acid.

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