Turkish Journal of Veterinary & Animal Sciences

Effect of Sorted Anions on the Acid-Base Balance and Growing in Japanese Quails




In the study, sixty, 3 weeks old Japanese quail chicks were used and divided equally to four groups. The control groups (I) were fed basal diet and group II, III, IV were fed diet containing 120 meq/kg NaHCO3, CaSO4 and CaHPO4 respectively. Blood samples were taken for measurement of pH, pCO2, HCO3- and certain electrolytes levels at 0.th, 5.th. and 10.th. days and all chicks were weighed and feed intake was calculated at 0.th and 10. th. days of experimental period. Bicarbonate evidently increased blood pH, pCO2, HCO3- and plasma Na values and decreased plasma K values whereas sulfate consistently depressed blood pH, pCO2, HCO3- and increased plasma K and Ca levels. CaHPO4 did not affect acid-base balance as much as CaSO4. In the study, the highest feed intake and the lowest weight gain were determined in control group although there were no striking differences among the other groups in respect of weight gain and feed intake.


Anions, Japanese Quails, Blood acid-base, Growing

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