Turkish Journal of Veterinary & Animal Sciences

Effective Doses of Prostaglandin F2µ for Induction of Parturition in Angora Goats




This experiment was conducted to determine the minimum effective doses of PGF2µ (Dinoprost trometamin) for induction of parturition. In the 1st group, parturitions were occured within mean (±SE) 35.92±2.433 hours after 5 mg PGF2µ injection and the 2nd group, parturitions were occured within mean (±SE) 36.17±2.800 hours after 10 mg PGF2µ injection on day 141 and 142 of gestation. Gestation lenght of the control group averaged (±SE) 148.56±6.30 (range 146-152). There was a significant difference on birth weigh of kids between the first and second groups. But only there was a significant difference between first group and control group. The birth weight of experiment groups less than control group.


Goat, induction of parturition, prostaglandin F2µ

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