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The Comparison of Some Important Production Traits of Awassi and Redkaraman Ewes Reared in the Semi-Intensive Conditions at Atatürk University Agricultural Research and Application Farm




In this research, Awassi and Redkaraman ewes reared in the research farm of Agricultural Collage at Atatürk University were used as animal material. According to results obtained from analysis of data related with ewes, lactation duration, milk yield, net milk yield, for Awassi and Redkaraman ewes were 169.04±4.408 and 143.63±4.473 days; 138.64±7.753 and 81.83±7.881 liters; 86.42±6.133 liters and 39.95±6.184 liters respectively. Additionally, amount of milk suckled by lamb, average daily milk yield, percentage of milk fat, percentage of dry matter in milk, milk fat yield for Awassi and Redkaraman ewes were 51.84±2.464 and 42.57±2.505 liters; 0.777±0.039 and 0.559±0.040 liters; 6.24% and 5.66%; 16.05% and 16.04%; 8.34±0.619 and 4.37±0.611 liters respectively. Sheared body weight and fleece weight for Awassi and Redkaraman ewes were 57.96±1.401 kg and 57.68±1.538 kg; 2.53±0.097 and 1.59±0.099 kg respectively. The breed affected significantly percentage of dry matter in milk and sheared body weight. The type of birth had significant (P


Sheep, Milk production traits, Wool production, Semi-intensive conditions

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