Turkish Journal of Veterinary & Animal Sciences

Therapeutic Efficacy of Doramectin as a New Endectocid on Natural Scabe and Trichostrongylose and Changes for Some Blood Parameter of Akkaraman Sheep in Van




Two studies were conducted to evaluate the endectocidal therapeutic efficacy of Doramectin on Akkaraman Sheep naturally infested with S. ovis and P. ovis in Van. PCV, Hb and TP values were evaluated for infestation status. Doramectin (1%) was administered to sarcoptic sheep as a single 200 µg/kg dosage and to psoroptic sheep as a single 300 µg/kg dosage. The control groups received a single equivalent dosage of NaCl (0.9%). The complete recovery of clinical signs on sarcoptic sheep was observed in the third week. While initial improvement of the clinical sings of psoroptic sheep was more apparent in the second week, total recovery was seen on the fourth week. In the first week 53.3% and in he second week 93.3% of the sheep tested negative for the S. ovis mite. Similary P. ovis mites had disappeared in 43.3% of the animals in the first week and in 86.7% in the second week after treatment. Three weeks after Doramection application, sarcoptic and psoroptic mites had been completely eliminated for the sheep. Doramection was also found to be 97.9% effective on nematoe eggs of the Thrichostrongylidae family (P


Doramection, sheep scabe, trichostrongylosis, blood parameters

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