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The Effect of Egg-Yolk on the Quality of Frozen Angora Buck Semen




In this study, the effect of egg yolk is studied as a spermatozoa diluter component on spermatozoa motility in equilibration and post-thawing and on the abnormal post-thawing acrosome rates. Spermatological properties were determined in 10 ejaculates taken from 5 Angora goats by an electro-ejaculator in the breeding season. It is observed that the approximate spermatozoa amount was 1.44 ml, spermatozoa concentration 2386.7x106/ml, spermatozoa motility 83.23%, abnormal acrosome rate 4.17% and spermatozoa pH 7.10. One half of each ejaculate was diluted by Tris-glycerole with a ratio of 1:4, the other half was diluted by Tris-glycerol-egg yolk with a ratio of 1:4 Diluted spermatozoa were frozen in liquid nitrogen vapor after three hours of equilibration at 5^0C. Fresh, immediate post-dilution end-of-equilibration and post-thaw motility and abnormal acrosome rates were determined. In Tris-glycerol diluter the obtained values were 79.61%, 59.00%, 19.10% and 32.97%, respectively. In Tris-glycerol-egg yolk diluter, the values were 81.45%, 79.03%, 47.41% and 24.94%, respectively. Consequently, it is observed that egg yolk as a diluter component has positive effects on the dilution and freezing of goat spermatozoa.


Angora goat, semen extender, freezing goat semen

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