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Detection of Brucella abortus Antibodies in Cows Milk of the Kars Area by ELISA and MRT




Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) and the Milk Ring Test (MRT) are used for the detection of antibodies produced against Brucella abortus in cows milk. The results of these tests are compared with respect to sensivity and specificity. Potassium chloride extract (KCl extract) antigen was prepared from a heat-killed, whole cell suspension of Br. abortus Strain 19; peroxidase labelled goat antibovine lg G was used as the conjugate and the substrate solution was prepared using H2O2 % 3, 2,2 azino-di-3 ethyl benthiazoline-6 sulfonate (ABTS) in citric acid. All of these were used in the ELISA. A total 712 milk samples were collected from nonvaccinated and naturally infected herds from 22 different villages in the Kars area where infection is known to be widespread. Seropositivity was detected in 401 (56.32%) milk samples by MRT and 467 (65.97%) milk samples by ELISA. The results obtained from control and infected groups were statistically analyzed and found to be highly significant p


Brucella abortus, milk, ELISA, MRT.

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