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The Importance of Serum Creatine Kinase(CK),Aspartate Aminotransferase(AST) and Lactate Dehydrogenase(LDH) Activities in the Diagnosis and Prognosis of Subclinic and Clinic White Muscle Disease in Lambs




In this study ; the importance of serum CK, AST and LDH activities in the diagnosis and prognosis of subclinic and clinic White Muscle Disease in lambs was searched in consideration of the effect of vitamin E+selenium application on these enzyme values. Akkaraman 26 lambs (8 healthy, 8 subclinically and 10 clinically affected with White Muscle Disease) were used in investigation. Serum CK, AST and LDH activities were measured according to kinetic procedure with commercial test kits. Serum CK, AST and LDH activities were significantly higher in lambs with subclinical and clinical White Muscle Disease compared to healthy lambs (p


Lamb, White Muscle Disease, diagnosis, prognosis, serum CK, AST, LDH

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