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The Effect of Urea and Niacin Addition in the Mixed Feed With Dried Sugar Beet Pulp on the Rumen Liquid and Blood Parameters




Four rumen fistulated and ad-libitum fed Akkaraman rams were used in this study by using 4x4 latin square desing. Four types of treatment, namely control (K), pulp (P), pulp added niacin (P+Ni) and pulp added niacin and urea (P+Ni+Ü) were used in this experiments. The rate of dried sugar beet pulp was 50%, urea was 2% and niacin was 400 mg/kg in the mixed feed. The rumen liquid pH of animal consumed these feed were 5.89, 6.48, 6.47 and 6.50; rumen ammonia-N concentrations 24.40, 41.27, 37.48 and 41.41 mg/100 ml for K, P, P+Ni and P+Ni+Ü feeds respectively. The level of rumen liquid pH and ammonia-N were found to be higher in the other feed groups than K group (P0.05), but decreased on the pH of rumen liquid (P


Dried sugar beet pulp, Niacin, Urea, Rumen liquid and Blood parameters.

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