Turkish Journal of Veterinary & Animal Sciences

Volume 20, Number 3 (1996)



The Molecular Character and Comparison with German EHV-1 Viruses of Equine Herpes Virus Isolated from izmit Region
Ahmet MENGİ, Martin PFEFFER, Hermann MEYER, Nikolaus ÖSTERRIEDER, O. Rüger KAADEN, and Fatma UYANIK
Pages 169-173


Activation of Pneumocystis carinii Infections in Experimentally Immunosupressed Laborotory Mice
Edip ÖZER, Yesari ERÖKSÜZ, Hatice ERÖKSÜZ, and Cem Ecmel SAKİ
Pages 175-180


Ultrasonographic Examination of Liver Gall Bladder in Cows
İbrahim CANPOLAT, M. Cengiz HAN, Mustafa KÖM, and Mehmet DİNÇ
Pages 181-184


The Effects of Selenium and Vitamin E on some Heamatological and Biochemical Values of Blood in Lambs
Mesut AKSAKAL, Mustafa NAZIROĞLU, and Mehmet ÇAY
Pages 185-190


Bacterial and Parasiter Agents in the Obliterated Sheep Livers and their Economical Losses in Elazig Slaugterhouse
Edip ÖZER, Celal ÖZCAN, Nurcan ARSLAN, Hakan KALENDER, and Muhammet ANGIN
Pages 191-201


Haemoglobin- and Arylesterase- Types in Akkaraman and Anatolian Merino Breeds of Sheep
Sevinç ASAL, Gürsel DELLAL, and Şerife KOCABAŞ
Pages 215-217


Prof. Dr. Mehmet BAŞALAN
Kırıkkale University

Associate Editors-in-Chief
Prof. Dr. Nuh KILIÇ
Aydın Adnan Menderes University
Prof. Dr. Betül Zehra SARIÇİÇEK
Ankara University

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