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The Macroanatomic Study on Terminal Branches of the External Jugular Vein in Akkaraman Sheep




Ten heads of akkaraman sheep of different sex were used. Latex was injected through the external jugular vein for investigation purposes. The following was determined: Ventral cerebral vein arises from the external jugular vein and it anastomoses with the emissary vein of the jugular foramen. The dorsal cerebral vein enteres the temporal meatus and originates from the superficial temporal vein. The linguofacial vein arisis from the external jugular vein. The lingual vein takes its origin from the linguofacial vein the Pterygoid plexus consisted of several anatomotic veins located between the pterygoid muscles the venous drainage of the nasal mucosa is mainly via the sphenopalatina vein.


Sheep goats, external jugular vein, Extracranial venous circulation.

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