Turkish Journal of Veterinary & Animal Sciences

Reliability of DNA Repair Test in Mouse Liver Primary Cell Cultures Treated by Carcinogens and Non-Carcinogens




Mouse liver primary cell cultures/DNA repair test was tested using a reference sample inrespect of its reliability. Of total 30 chemical substances 15 were general reference compounds and the remaining 15 were the chemical substances previously tested inrespect of carcinogenicity at the Biossay Program. The second group was taken from the same group used for in vivo test and tested in Ames test in respect of mutagenicity. Of 15 groups of reference compounds, 5 were positive for DNA repair and 5 were carcinogens. Of 10 samples which were determined to be negative, 4 were not carcinogens, but 6 were carcinogens. Of these 6 carcinogens, 3 were the compounds whose carcinogenicity was not presumably resulting from damaging of DNA. Of 15 reference chaemical substances tested in respect of carcinogenicity, 7 were determined to be positive. It was juged in vivo bioassays that 5 of these 7 chemical substances were carcinogens.


UDS = Unschduled DNA Synthesis, HPK = Hepatocyte primary cultures/DNA

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