Turkish Journal of Veterinary & Animal Sciences

The Effects of Different Stocking Densities on Growth of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss W. 1792) in Net Cages in the Black Sea




The objective of this study is to determine, the effects of the different stock densities on growth of Rainbow Trout in net cages (Oncorhynchus mykiss W. 1792) in the Black Sea. The experiment was conducted at the mariculture unit of Sinop Faculty of Fisheries, University of Ondokuz Mayis, for a period of 64 days. During the experiment 1080 Rainbow trout with an average weight of 107 gr. were used. At the end of the experiment, total weight increase the daily live weight gain, the increase rate, the food conversion rate, the condition factor and the mortality rate were determined for each stocking density. Experimental groups of 102,15 g, 107,77 g and 111,07 g mean initial body weight reached 279,31 g, 270,89 g and 270,08 g mean final weight respectively at the end of the experiment. It is concluded that the stocking density at harvest in trout cages in the Black Sea should be arranged as 20 kg/m3.


Rainbow trout, Black Sea, net cage, stocking densities, growth parameters.

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