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Beta-Globulin Polymorphism of Karakas Lambs in Van Farms




The frequencies for genes of Tf A, Tf B, Tf D, Tf M, Tf E ve Tf S which were typed by polyacrilamyde gel electrophoresis were 0.219, 0.278, 0.199, 0.241, 0.037 and 0.026, respectively. 4 homozygous (Tf AA, Tf BB, Tf DD ve Tf MM) and 15 heterozygous (Tf AB, Tf AD, Tf AM, Tf AE, TF AS, Tf BD, Tf BM, Tf BE, Tf BS, Tf DE, Tf DS, Tf ME, Tf MS ve Tf ES) were determined in the flocks. The diferrences between emprical and theoretical distributions for beta-globulin phenotypes were highly significant (P

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