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Effect of PRID Applications and Cloprostenol Injections on Various Fertility Parameters in Dairy Cows




This study was designed to determine the fertility parameters in dairy cows after timed insemination and simultaneous treatment with PRID or cloprostenol. Treatments commenced days 40 and 52 post partum. A total of 36 cows was randomly assigned to three groups. Cows in the each group were treated either with progesterone releasing intravaginal device (PRID) for 12 days, or two injections of 500 mcg cloprostenol at interval of 11 days, or left as controls. Cows in treatment groups were inseminated 60. and 72. hours after the end of treatments and in spontane estrous of controls. The events of first and following two inseminations were discussed. In the groups of PRID, cloprostenol and controls; pregnancy rates were 41.6, 66.6 and 50.0%, durations of calving-conception 91.4±8.4, 68.1±5.3 and 93.5 ±10.4 days, and inseminations per conception were 2.2, 1.2 and 1.6 respectively. Looking the more advantageous results of cloprostenol group, the injections of prostaglandin F2 alpha analoques 11 days apart is better of choise procedure in the planning of fertility programmes for dairy herds.


Dairy cow, PRID, cloprostenol, fertility parameters

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