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Effects of Repeatedly Applied Superovulatory Agents with Different Doses on Ovulation Rate and Embryo Quality in Rabbits




The aim of this study were to determine the effects of increasing doses of HCG (100-150 I.U.) and GnRH (1.2, 2, 4, 8 µg buserelin) to ovulation rate and embryo quality in rabbits at which follicle development was stimulated by 150 l.U. PMSG and the differences between the results of the repeated treatments. 70 female and 4 male rabbits were used in the experiments. By the operations which were performed 72 hrs after mating, ovarium reactions were examined and the embryos were recovered. The ovulation rates were 49.85% in the 100 IU HCG treated group whereas 60.82% in the 150 IU HCG group. The ovulation rates in the groups which treated with increasing doses of GnRH were 42.94%, 44.48%, 46.96%, 64.47% and 24.44% in the contol group. The healthy embryo rates in the same animals were 68.75% and 94.79% in the HCG groups, respectively. In the GnRH groups these rates were 90.32%, 79.74%, 87.22%, 89.65% respectively, whereas no healthy embryo was recovered from the control group. In the same animals which were treated using the same metod after 30 days, the ovulation rates were 47.43 % in the 100 l.U. HCG and 59 % in the 150 I.U HCG groups whereas 63.29 %, 58.18 %, 65 % and 83 % in the groups treatad with ,GnRH and % 21.54 in the control group. The healthy embryo rates were 83.78 % and 86% in the HCG groups and 91.72, % 87.69%, 88.8 % and 89.88 % in GnRH groups. This rate was 69.44 % in the control group.


Rabbit, superovulation, PMSG, HCG, GnRH, ovulation rate, embryo quality.

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