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Relationships Between the Rate of Milk Flow and Milk Yield Simmetal Cattle of Kazova State Farm




The relationships between the rate of milk flow and milk yield in Simmental cattle are determined. Data of morning milking and daily milk yields and 305-day milk yields of 65 Simmental cows belonging to the Kazova State Farm were utilized. The cows were in their fourth lactation order. The data were obtained at 60 ± 15, 120 ± 15, and 180 ± 15 day periods of lactation for each trial cow separetely. The correlation coefficients between various characteristics were determined to be as follows: Characterr ± Sr (x)I. lactationII. lactationiii. lactation stagestagestage A0.507±0.108 **0.435±0.127 **0.393±0.155 * B0.318± 0.112 **0.296±0.135 *0.515±0.144 * C0.047±0.1250.356±0.132 **0.452±0.150 ** D0.587±0.101 **0.537±0.119 **0.745±0.112 ** * P (x)A:305 day milk yield - Daily milk yield B: " - Morning milk yield C: " - The rate of milk flow D:Morning milk yield - The rate of milk flow


Simmental, miliking rate, milk yield.

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