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The roles of serum on the initial attachment and adhesion strength of CHL cells, which is gained following initial attachment, spreading and growth, on tissue culture polystyrene dish were determined by using a convergent Microflow chamber. In the presence of 10% fetal calf serum 98%±2% of cells were attaching within 2 hours at 37°C. While only 74%±3% of cells were attaching during the same period of incubation in serum free medium. The critical shear stresses of detachment of CHL cells were 3.01±0.25 Nm -2 , 5.38±0.55 Nm -2 , 7.22±0.54 Nm -2 , 9.47±0.43 Nm -2 , and 9.54±1.15 Nm -2 in the presence of 0%, 0.05%, 0.1%, 1%, and 5% fetal calf serum respectively. In addition the effect of serum origins on the adhesion strength of this cell was determined. The the critical shear stresses of detachment of CHL cells were1.73±0.80 Nm -2 , 11.6±0.66 Nm -2 , and 10.96±0.73 Nm -2 in the presence of 10% of horse serum, new born calf serum, and fetal calf serum respectively. These results suggest that 1% serum concentration will be sufficient for cells to gain the maximum possible adhesion strength.


CHL Cells; Adhesion strength; serum proteins.

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