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In the Fele (Yassıbel) area in the north of Beyşehir Lake in the Western Taurides, Upper Jurassic (Kimmeridgian) - Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian) peritidal carbonates were studied in detail. In this study, 30 species of dasyclad algae were identified and 3 new Salpingoporella species were identified within the peritidal carbonates. It was determined that they belong to 13 different genera: Acroporella, Actinoporella, Campbelliella, Clypeina, Cylindroporella, Epimastopora, Epimastoporella, Kopetdagaria, Macroporella, Otternstella, Rajkaella, Salpingoporella, and Selliporella. Salpingoporella is the dominant genus. Some of the species are new records for Turkey: Clypeina nigra, Clypeina parasolkani, Otternstella lemmensis, Salpingoporella biokovensis, Salpingoporella circassa, Salpingoporella piriniae, and Selliporella neocomiensis. Their stratigraphic ranges are now modified according to the calibration of benthic foraminifera with which they are associated. The presence of these species in the Tauride platform extends their paleogeographic distribution in the world and sheds light on their taxonomic relationships in the Tauride region. For example, Clypeinaaff. nigra, Clypeina parasolkaniand Salpingoporellaaff. circassawhich were previously reported from northern Neotethys, and Epimatospora cekici, Salpingoporella biokovensis, Salpingoporella piriniae, Otternstella lemmensis and Selliporella cf. neocomiensis, had not been reported from the Taurides, are now present in southern Neotethys (Taurides).


Fele (Yassıbel) area, Taurides, Peritidal carbonates, Dasyclad algae, Salpingoporella.

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