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The Kapidagi Peninsula shear zone is a W-to NW-trending, moderately to steeply dipping, sinistral strike-slip shear zone that runs almost parallel to the northern coast of the peninsula. It is a minimum of 28 km in length and extends from Rikoz Cape in the west to the north of Çakil village in the east. A quantitative strain analysis is presented for the shear zone evolved in the Ocaklar Granitoid by a syn-shear granitod intrusion. Deformed autoliths in the granitoids were used as strain markers. Long, intermediate and short axes of autoliths were measured in 66 subareas across the shear zone. Strain maps were constructed for the shear zone utilizing shear strain (g) and elongation values (e 1 ) along the long axis of the finite strain ellipsoid. These maps show increasing shear strain and elongation toward the centre and along the long axis of the zone. Folliation and strain pattern within the shear zone indicates that steady laminar shear flow took palace during the deformation. Sinistral sense of shear indicators is found in the zone. The amount of horizontal sinistral displacement on the zone was calculated as 14.7 km from the strain profile.

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