Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences

Fluid-Inclusion Study of the Tad Deresi Fluorite Deposit, Yukari Çulhalı, Akdağmadeni, Yozgat, Central East Turkey




The Tad Deresi fluorite deposit is located west-northwest of Yukari Çulhalı Village in the Akdağ massif, Akdağmadeni, Yozgat. Three populations of primary inclusions and two populations of secondary inclusions were distinguished within the fluorite. The primary inclusions are characterized by liquid+vapour and liquid+vapor+daughter fillings, whereas the secondary inclusions contain liquid+vapour and CO2 liquid + CO2 vapor. The fluorite deposit formed at a low homogenization temperature (156-185 ^0C) with moderate-to-high salinity (wt. % NaCl equivalent 12-23%) and in a low-moderate pressure, depth environment. The ore solution boiled in the upper part of the system during the formation of the primary inclusions at low temperature and shallow depth, and boiling occurred a second and last time during the formation of the secondary inclusions at a much lower temperature and a shallower depth than the first boiling point. The Yukari Çulhali fluorite deposit is related to a distal skarn environment in terms of its moderate-high salinity and low homogenization temperature.

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