Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences

Stratigarphy and Sedimentology of the Kuşçular Formation (Lower Paleocene), the West of Elazığ, Turkey




Stratigraphic and sedimentological aspects of Kuşçular Formation has been firstly recognized in this study which represent in the west of Elazığ. The sediments of this formation consist of seven lithofacies. they are; 1- Massive conglomerates, 2-Stratified conglomerates, 3-Massive sandstones, 4-Horizantel bedded sandstones, 5-Red mudstones, 6-Nodular gypsum, 7-Stratified gypsums. Fine-grained facies are dominant at the lower levels of sequences represent in the prograding alluvial fan envirenments. These successions represent a depositional basin which rapidly filled. Ions necessary for gypsium occurances in the playa deposits are thought to come from the sulfide minerals of Elazığ Complex, crystalline limestone of Keban Metamorphics and Harami Formation.

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