Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences

Geological Position and the Genesis of Hasançelebi Alkaline Magmatism at the Eastern Taurides (NW Malatya)




Alkalic magmatic rocks of Maastrichtian-Paleocene age occur widely in the Hekimhan-Hasançelebi region; eastern Taurus system. These magmatic association is made up of the Hasançelebi thrachyyandesite and thracte and also the Yüceşafak syenite. the plutonic rocks cut the volcanic rocks and formed contact metamorphism. the petrogarphical as well as geochemical characteristics indicate that alakaline volcanic association were formed in a "within plate" environment. The alkalic syenitic pluton shows similarity to metaluminus, mesocratic and A-type plutones. The geological as well as petrographical data suggest that these magmatic rocks were developed in a back-arc environment with respect to the Yüksekova-Baskil arc situating farther south, and occured within a back arc basin, known as the Hekimhan basin.

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