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Geology and Evaluation of the Nap Region (the Metamorphic Massifs) of the Southeast Anatolian Orpgenic Belt




One of the important tectonic units of the Southeast anatolian orogenic belt is the nappes. They form of a nappe package consistin of the metamorphic massifs at the top, and ophiolitic assciations lying below the massifs. the metamorphic massifs are composed of a high grade metamorphic core and a lower grade matemorphic envelope. The carbonate rocks dominate the envelope in which a succession varying from Permo-Carbonifereous to Upper Cretaceous have been identified. The metamorphic massifs which underwnt metamorphizm during the late Crateceous belonged orijinally to the Taurus tectonic belt. Following the matemorphism they begun to move southward as a nappe. Initially they were emplaced on to the ophiolites and, collectively formed a nappe package. During their transport, the nappes were internally imbricated, fagmented and then were overlain by different cover successions during the early Eocene-early Miocene period. During this soutward transport, initially an oceanic environment were totally destroyed by the middle Eocene, Later the remnant seas were filled by the late early Miocene units. At the latest stage the nappes were emplaced on the Arabian platform in the early-middle Miocene.

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