Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences

Paleointensity of the Earth's Magnetic Field Determined From Miocene (?) - Pliocene Aged Rocks of Mesudiye (Ordu) Region




Paleointensity of the Earth's magnetic Field has been determined from Miocene (?)- Pliocene aged basalt samples collected from the Mesudiye (Ordu) region. The samples were taken as oriented hand samples from the same geologic unit. Thermomagmatic curves and magnetic mineralogy of the samples were examined as the whether or not they are suitable for determination of the paleointensity. Some confidence tests were made for reliability of the results. The method which matches alternatif field demagnetization curves of the natural remanent magnetization (NRM) thermoremanent magnetization (TRM) of twelve specimens have been matched. Consequently, the paleointensity of the Earth's magnetic field has been determined to be 0.211+-.0.38x10^{-4}T for the geomagnetic latide and geologic period in which the rocks formed. the equatorial and dipol moment values of the paleointensity have been calculated to be 0.128+-0.023x10^{-4}T and 2.77x10^{22}Am^2, respectively.

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