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Metamorphism of the Gabbros in the Aydın-Çine Submassif and Their Correlation with Those in the Related Submassifs of the Menderes Massif






Soutwest of Çine and west of Karıncalı Dağ, Aydın-Çine submassif of the Menderes Massif, a number of metagabbro stocks and vein rocks occur in the gneisses and acidis metavolcanites of the core series. These rocks which have a polymetamorphic history, display some textural and mineralogical changes toward to margin. The metagabbros whose primary igneous features were well preserved in the inner parts. were complately converted to garnet amphibolites along the margins. According to the textural, structurel, mineralogical and lithostratigraphical evidence, these rocks exposing in the Aydın-Çine Submassif, can be correlated with those in the related submassifs of the Menderes Massif. The metagabbros occuring in the core units over all the Menderes Massif are the product of the Pan-African basic magmatism and have the same polymetamorphic history. The metamorphic evolution of these basic igneus based on the evidence obtained from both of the metagabbros and country rocks, can be summerized as follows: These gabroic rocks were intruded into the core series during Precambrian/Cambrian before the deposition of the protholits of the cover series and metamorphosed under the granulite facies conditions. The second metamorphism affecting the metagabbros, prevailed under high-pressure conditions and in some places, the gabbros were partly converted to eclogites along the margins. The last main metamorphism took place under the medium pressure/medium-high temperature conditions during Late Eocene and caused retrograde effects in the eclogites.

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