Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences

Trend Surface Analysis of Titanium Content of Soils and Stream Sediments From Çiniyeri-Küre (Tire-İzmir) Titanium Placer deposit; Menderes Massif, W. Anatolia




In the investigater area which is east of Tire (İzmir) between Çiniyeri and Küre, systematicsystematic prospection for titanium was carried out by using applied geochemical methods. At the first step, the seven fractions of grain size of nearly 600 samples, obtained by sieving, were analysed for titanium with calorimetric methods. At the second step, titanium results of all fractions were treated with applied statistical methods, and necessary parameters were acquired. It was established that the titanium frequency distributions for different grain-size fractions have lognormal distribution character. To obtain more information about the distribution and concentration of titanium, trend surface analysis was applied mainly to three different data sets. Only 149 samples were used for trend surface analysis. according to the analysis results, first, second, and third degree trend surface indicate a north-notrhwesterly trend in the area. Residual titanium values were calculated only for second degree surfaces. Results are discussedusing interpretation of contour diagrams.

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