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In order to refine the geological mapping and to improve our knowledge of the Tlemcen Mountains structure (northwestern Algeria), the interpretation of aeromagnetic data using several processing techniques allowed us to map the Paleozoic basement of Rhar Roubane Mountains and the sedimentary cover constituted by geological formations of Mesozoic and Cenozoic age. Structurally, the Tlemcen Mountains are formed by several structures (e.g., Sebdou Graben), separated by three major transverse faults NNE-SSW (Tafna-Magoura, Oued Chouly and Aïn Tellout transverse faults). We have also been able to highlight a set of deep and shallower structures, trending mainly in NE-SW, N-S, and E-W, and affect the western part of the Tlemcen Mountains (Rhar Roubane Horst) and the south-eastern part of the Tlemcen Mountains.


Aeromagnetic data, geological mapping, structure, Tlemcen Mountains, Algeria

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